Derustit Group

Derusting was the motto of the founders of the enterprise in 1953. Initially electrochemical derusting processes as well as the hydrous derusting by means of phosphoric acid formed the center of our activities.

Taking the statement "even stainless steel rusts" into account, we started soon dealing with the surface treatment of stainless steel. Derustit developed into one of the today's leading specialists for the chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of stainless steel.

It is our task to offer optimal solutions for surface problems, which can result from the handling of this material to the firms who process stainless steel or operate installations made of this material. It is not only the optical appearance and the increased corrosion resistance which is emphasized but also the improvement of the functional characteristics of the stainless steel surfaces.
Our activities comprise:

  • Pickling of stainless steel, in licensed firms as also in your firm or on site.
  • Electropolishing of stainless steel on-site & of-site.
  • Grinding and polishing of stainless steel on-site & of-side.
  • Reconditioning of stainless steel on-site & of-site.
  • Production of pickling and cleaning chemicals for austenitic CrNi steels, special alloys and aluminum.
  • Planning and installation of complete pickling plants as well as all facilities related to environmental protection.
  • Planning and delivery of electropolishing installations for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals including the electrolytes required. 
Production of industrial chemicals for cleaning and conservation of metals.
  • Advice on all questions relating to the surface treatment of stainless steel.

Surface Treatment

Derustit offers all processes for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of stainless steels. The DERUSTIT pickling process enables your stainless steel equipment and installations to achieve the best possible corrosion resistance - for even stainless steel rusts if it is not treated properly.

Special corrosion forms on steel e.g. pitting corrosion; stress corrosion etc. can be largely avoided by suitable surface treatment i.e. pickling, even with material erosion, if required.

All Derustit pickling chemicals and processes are developed in our own laboratories and are tested in our own pickling plant over a long period of time. Derustit state of the art pickling agents for stainless steel are based on nitric acid/hydrofluoric acid mixtures; they are used in immersion, spray-on or brush-on processes. Ensure the corrosion resistance of your stainless steel parts by pickling with Derustit pickling chemicals.

In addition, DERUSTIT electropolishing processes optimize the functional behavior of your stainless steel surfaces. Smooth bright surfaces with a variety of positive features result from the smoothing action.

  • Improved cleaning behavior
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Extensive process neutrality
  • Reduced surface build-up

Extremely clean surfaces low in particles can be obtained with special final cleaning processes. Electropolishing for the production of high-grade functional surfaces has been largely adopted in many future-oriented sectors. Electropolished surfaces, however, are also eminently suitable for decorative purposes.

Service & Products

Our services sector Pickling offers you decisive advantages: You utilize the over 55 years of our experience and the high DERUSTIT quality. We pickle to order according to customer specifications. We take on for you the ever-increasing demands of environmental protection and industrial safety legislation. Large-scale vessels or in-situ containers are picked on the spot complying with all legal requirements.

DERUSTIT has modern facilities for electropolishing your stainless steel parts. Whether small parts or large-scale vessels, we guarantee competent and economical processing up to a defined metal removal rate. We process the interior and outer surfaces of pipes in modern pipe-polishing plants with sizes from 6x1 mm. We can also electropolish your fabrications at your plant using mobile facilities.

There are DERUSTIT pickling chemicals for every application: The most economical method for chemical surface treatment is immersion pickling with DERUSTIT Bath Pickling Agents. The DERUSTIT spray pickling method is recommended for the pickling of surfaces too large for bath pickling, permanently installed or for fabrications with mild steel. In this process the pickling paste is applied by means of the low-pressure sprayers developed by DERUSTIT. 

The spray able DERUSTIT pickling pastes produce a surface quality similar to the immersion process. As opposed to the conventional application with brushes or roller, a considerable saving of material and work time is achieved.

DERUSTIT Pickling Pastes reliably remove annealing discoloration and welding scale when only welding seams are pickled. DERUSTIT Passivation Solution can be applied for the quick formation of a complete passive layer by means of an immersion or spray-on process. Cleaning problems with stainless steel surfaces reliably solved with DERUSTIT Stainless Steel Cleaner. It degreases, cleans and removes light oxide layers (rust films).

The DERUSTIT combination process is ideal for the production of faultless stainless steel surfaces when fabricating with prepickled sheets. In doing so the welding seams are simultaneously pickled and the surface cleaned. All DERUSTIT pickling chemicals are naturally free from hydrochloric acid and chlorides. In addition to the pickling chemicals for stainless steel and aluminum, DERUSTIT delivers the complete range of electrolytes for the electrochemical brightening process, for stainless steel, copper and non-ferrous metals as well as aluminum.

Quality Norms

DERUSTIT pickling and electropolishing processes belong to the highest developed surface techniques ensuring optimal service conditions of stainless steel. Our processes are based on work standards of all-important manufacturers/operators of chemical installations and power plants. Of course we meet the highest requirements of food and sterile technology as well as the electronics industry.
Our quality assurance division provides competent handling of orders and documents at all process stages. All process baths are regularly checked. Each bath from our production of chemicals is subjected to extensive laboratory checks in order to guarantee you constant and reliable quality.

Our laboratory checks the results of pickling, even in spray or pump-through processes, so you can be sure that your stainless steel equipment meets the highest requirements for corrosion resistance.
We document the metal removal effects of electropolishing operations and establish the smoothing effects with surface roughness measurements. We are a recognized professional enterprise in according with §19L of the German Water Resources Law.

Environmental Protection

DERUSTIT pickling chemicals and electrolytes are hazardous materials as defined by the hazardous materials classification and employees must be provided with personal protective equipment e.g. safety glasses, rubber gloves and boots, protective clothes and breathing apparatus (mask and filter). Our considerable experience in dealing with hazardous materials is at your disposal.

DERUSTIT will advise you on all questions of industrial safety and supplies all necessary equipment.
Installations for surface treatment of metals involving the employment of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid in accordance to the Federal Emission Safety Law are subject to authorization. In this respect there are regulations concerning the emission of the pickling plant, the liquid waste and the storage of the pickling agents. All our facilities are in acc. to the new IPPC guide lines.

We plan and deliver complete pickling and polishing plants as well as all environmental protection facilities and assist you in processing the application documents.

We deliver the appropriate suction devices including the necessary air washers and demisters for the pickling plants. An extensive circulatory system for liquid waste as required by law is possible for our liquid waste-disposal plants in batch or continuous flow operation. Acid recovery facilities provide steady bath parameters and avoid extensive disposal of used pickling baths. 



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